Participation at the event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory. 


The IACE Hall of Fame Conference 2024 is the event that wants to develop transcontinental cooperation in the field of ACE, at all levels, and provide a platform for experts from various organizations and countries to convene in Florence to network, collaborate on new and joint initiatives, and identify potential partners for European as well as transcontinental and transatlantic cooperation. The conference will be a frame for new working groups for collaboration rather than an event with many plenary lectures.

The Conference Programme is being developed and based on cooperation proposals submitted to the organisers, and currently focused on three main fields:

1. Cooperation among organisations and researchers in the framework of CONFINTEA, like CONFINTEA VII Follow up 2025-2030, Learning Cities, Microcredentials, Aging society, Gender equalities, Migration, etc.

2. Cooperation among higher education institutions – mobility for students, professors, researchers, PhD students, and Transnational programs in the field of PhD and adult education

3. Cooperation among journals specialized in the field of adult education

The programme is still open and the list of working groups will be fixed according to the proposals received and the participation demands they are receiving. The final programme will be issued in September 2024 and the registrations will be closed end of September 2024.

The Conference and the Induction Ceremony will take place at the University premises in the centre of Florence.

The Induction Ceremony 2024 of the IACE Hall of Fame will be an integral part of the conference.

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